Oxygen | O2


Oxygen | O2

CAVITECH aeration technology uses the method of flexible hydrodynamic supercavitation for fast and efficient dissolution of oxygen and mixing of effluents. We offer numerous benefits to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. CAVITECH aeration will make the entire wastewater treatment process more efficient.

Applications Include:
  • Biological Treatment
  • Aerobic Digestion
  • Effluent Reaeration
  • Environmental

CAVITECH Technology

More oxygen and quality

with reduced life-cycle cost

CAVITECH aeration module
Industry-leading aeration efficiency while reducing capital installation costs

“I just fell in love with these modules...”

— Chief technologist of WWTP

Adaptable aeration

CAVITECH modules can dynamically change the "aeration + mixing" mode, creating anaerobic or anoxic zones with intensive mixing. You achieve flexibility in the process architecture, optimization of treatment at no additional cost, as well as the ability to respond to changes in incoming effluents.

From beginning to end

We advise our client on all stages, give recommendations on equipment before and after CAVITECH. We can assist in all stages of the project process: designing, testing, training, start-up and even providing O&M needs throughout the life of our product. Our team is here to help.

From shallow to deep

For CAVITECH, there are no aerotanks that are too small and there are no aerotanks that are too deep. Our technology allows you to achieve maximum dissolution efficiency per 1 meter of aeration tank depth, providing you with additional flexibility throughout the entire cleaning process.

The lowest life-cycle cost

The cost of aeration equipment is always calculated in the life cycle format. Energy and maintenance costs are added to capital expenditures. KAVITECH has the best industry indicators in this regard.

Experts in the gasification of liquids

With more than 30 years of experience, CAVITECH employs a team of industry-leading designers, engineers and technologists. We are experts in the dissolution of gases, and we can prove it.

Reliable partnership

You are in good company with CAVITECH. We work directly with reliable suppliers to offer a fluid, streamlined purchasing process for everything that is additionally required for our equipment.


CAVITECH improved the aeration system at the treatment plant | Industrial Zone

CAVITECH has reduced the estimated electricity costs by 2 times for the WWTP of the Industrial and Logistics Park.

CAVITECH Provides Emergency Supplemental Aeration | Ecologically Protected Area

At the WWTP in ecologically protected area, СAVITECH reduced electricity consumption by 2 times, while increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen by 2 times.

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